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Do you recall, Rachel—not the memory, but the feeling of—how much we loved you?

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sirius black reciting catullus to remus in the original latin and remus just goes “mhm, alright then” until one day mcgonagall overhears and turns red in the face and gives sirius detention for a week, so remus looks up what sirius has been saying and what the fuck sirius cant just whisper porn in my ear in public

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Eliot:”We can’t get a car in there. Come on! You can’t have a Batcave without a Batmobile.”

Hardison:”You can have a Batcave, man, just-“

Eliot:”How are you gonna get a car in there?”

Hardison:”It’s a car. It ain’t a boat.”

Parker:”Just ask him!”

Hardison:”Nate! Can we keep the cave?!”

Nate:”We are not keeping the cave!”

Eliot:”I told you. I told you didn’t I?”

Hardison:”Hey hold it. Don’t be so hasty. Look hear me out. Two words - Eliot signal.”

Eliot:”Hey Hardison, man, what are you talking about? Like a light you would shine up in the air huh? How does that work? And how would you see it during the day first of all? And what would you put on it? Like a wolf?”

Parker:”Ooh yeah.”

Eliot:”Or a knife or a wolf? A wolf is cooler. See I’m into that.”

Leverage s04e18 The last Dam job (via renew-leverage)
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We’re funny, okay?